The Good Vibes Only Guide to Self-care

Self-care tips and tools for getting grounded and raising your vibes


Self-care has been a popular buzzword for years now, but what does this term really mean?


Although the focus on social media tends to be on mani-pedis, bubble baths, fancy creams, and expensive dinners out, the truth is, self-care is a really flexible concept. It doesn’t have to be luxurious, indulgent, or look a certain way. And it doesn’t have to involve money at all.


Self-care is about checking in with yourself and looking after your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. This will mean different things to different people. Whatever makes you feel good, grounded, and in touch with yourself can be considered self-care.

Self-care is in the eye of the beholder

Besides being super flexible, the other good thing about self-care is that you can never do too much of it. It’s one of the few cases where more is always better. So wherever you are on your journey — if you’re just starting out or a seasoned self-carer — there’s room to explore new ideas and practices that will bring you into greater balance and alignment.


Here’s a list of some of my favorite simple, low-cost self-care practices that you can start anytime and do from pretty much anywhere.

Journaling what’s on your mind

Writing out your thoughts and feelings is an extremely powerful form of self-care. It unleashes trapped emotions, organizes your thoughts, and creates a record of your observations, reactions, and intentions. All you need is a notebook and something to write with (a laptop or the notes app on your phone will also do). If you need a little inspiration to get started, I share tons of journaling tips on Instagram. You can also find easy-to-use journaling templates for instant download at my Etsy shop.

Writing down routines, rituals, and goals

The healing power of writing doesn’t stop at journaling. Setting down your intentions and goals in the form of schedules, to-do lists, checklists, and more is another effective way to practice self-care. And you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to do it. You can start with pre-made templates that you can just print off and fill in.

Hiking and walking

Going outside and getting in touch with nature are some of the best ways to look after your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Walking and hiking are fantastic self-care activities that renew your spirit and refresh your body and mind.

Setting boundaries

Another self-care practice that involves no money but generates a huge return on investment is setting boundaries. Whether it’s committing to leaving your work at the office or reconsidering a relationship that no longer works, taking an active approach to what you will and won’t welcome into your life is a key element of self-care. 

Yoga, meditating, and stretching

Other forms of exercise are also excellent for generating good vibes. Yoga, meditation, and stretching can be practiced by people of all ages and abilities to cultivate that all-important self-awareness and mind-body connection.

Go further on your self-care journey with Good Vibes Only

For more ideas on how to make the most of your self-care journey, I invite you to explore the other posts in the Good Vibes Only blog and connect with me on Instagram or at my Etsy shop.


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