The Good Vibes Only Guide to Crystal Healing: The 7 Crystals You Need to Raise Your Vibes

There’s a reason why crystals are used in so many self-care practices. It’s because crystals are beautiful, versatile, and energetic resources that can have a real impact on your mental, emotional, and physical wellness. 

Here at Good Vibes Only, we’re incredibly passionate about crystal healing, and we include these sacred tools in pretty much all of our rituals. We use them to meditate, incorporate them in our candle magic and spellcraft, place them on our altars, wear them in jewelry, carry them in our pockets…and that’s just the beginning. 

If you’re new to crystal healing and aren’t sure where to begin, we’ve put together this helpful guide that covers the basics of crystal healing as well as the 7 crystals you need to know to start building your collection and raising your vibes. 


How to prepare your crystals to use in crystal healing

What is crystal healing?


As popular as crystal healing is today, it’s nothing new. The practice of using crystals to heal, protect, and enhance well-being goes back thousands of years. Archaeological records show that crystals were used in Ancient Sumer, one of the earliest human civilizations. 

Then and now, the concept behind crystal healing is all about energy. The idea is that the natural energy of the crystals interacts, or vibrates, with the body’s energetic field to produce changes that restore balance and alignment and bring about good health. Which makes sense when you consider that crystals are formed in nature and are part of the natural world as much as water, air, and other elements that support good health. 

Just think about how a breath of fresh air, a walk in the sun, or a swim in clean water refreshes and restores you, physically and mentally. The same goes for crystals — they bring you in touch with nature to renew and reset your body’s energy. Different crystals have unique and specific energetic vibrations that can influence the body’s flow of energy, releasing blocked areas and helping “stuck” energy resume its natural movement. The result is a feeling of balance, harmony, focus, and clarity. 


How to prepare your crystals to use in crystal healing

It’s simple to get started with crystal healing. Here are some basic steps to follow to get the most of your crystal energy work. 


Crystal healing tip: Clear your crystals before use! 

Whether you’re using a brand new crystal from Good Vibes Only or one that’s been in your collection for a while, it’s important to clear away any old, lingering, or stagnant energy the crystal has picked up before infusing it with a new purpose or intention. Common cleansing methods include placing the crystal in direct sunlight or moonlight for several hours, bathing it in salt water (not safe with all crystal types, since some are water soluble), or passing it through incense smoke. 

Step by step guide to using crystals

  1. Cleanse your crystal using your preferred method. 
  2. Practice deep breathing to center your mind and body.
  3. Visualize your intention and ask your crystal to help you manifest it.
  4. Meditate on your intention for as long as you wish.
  5. Give thanks to your crystal and place it on your altar or carry it with you until your intention is realized. 


7 crystals you need to know to get started

Rose quartz


Sourced from: US, Australia, Brazil, Madagascar, South Africa, India, Sweden, Germany

Use for: Love (including self-love), happiness, emotional balance

Rose quartz opens the heart chakra, releasing blocks that keep love from manifesting abundantly in your life. This beautiful, pale pink crystal is particularly powerful when worn next to the heart. 


Tiger's eye


Sourced from: Australia, Burma, India, Namibia, South Africa, US, Brazil, Canada, China, Korea, Spain

Use for: Protection, courage, strength

A variety of quartz with lustrous ochre striping, Tiger’s Eye is both visually stunning and incredibly powerful as a courage and confidence-booster. This crystal is linked to the root and sacral chakras, unleashing the poise, grace, and swagger of one of the most powerful members of the animal kingdom. 


Clear Quartz


Sourced from: UK, Spain, Brazil, Switzerland, Madagascar

Use for: Spiritual healing, balance, clarity

The shimmering sparkle of clear quartz makes its purpose totally transparent: this all-around stone brightens and clarifies everything. As versatile as they come, clear quartz is connected to all of the chakras and is a powerful amplifier, meaning that whatever energy you infuse into it returns back to you several times over. 





Sourced from: Eastern Canada

Use for: Creativity, higher consciousness

Channeling the ethereal waves of the Northern Lights, Labradorite is an amazing crystal that comes in a dazzling spectrum of colors, from purples and blues to greens and yellows, made even more eye-catching with a pearlescent sheen. Aligned with the throat and third-eye chakras, Labradorite is your go-to for expanding your vision, accessing higher levels of consciousness, and unlocking creativity. 






Sourced from: Sri Lanka, India, Madagascar

Use for: Feminine energy, new beginnings, clairvoyance

There’s something otherworldly about a moonstone and its milky iridescent depths, which makes it a perfect companion when accessing your divine feminine energy and natural psychic abilities. This stunning crystal is connected to the heart, third-eye, and crown chakras, opening your mind to receive messages from your spirit guides. 


Caribbean Calcite


Caribbean calcite 

Sourced from: Pakistan

Use for: Stress relief, lucid dreaming, mindfulness

Caribbean calcite is the new kid on the block when it comes to crystals. This stone was only discovered in the past few years, and despite its name, it doesn’t originate in the Caribbean, but Pakistan. It comes in a range of tranquil, peace-enhancing colors, and its ability to calm the mind makes it a wonderful crystal for relieving stress and anxiety. 


Flower Agate


Flower agate 

Sourced from: Madagascar

Use for: Personal growth, courage, inspiration

Flower agate is truly a jewel in any crystal collection, with its utterly stunning floral-like formations that capture the beauty and energy of a garden in bloom. With its ability to activate and nourish the heart and root chakras, flower agate is a wonderful way to encourage yourself to bloom into your full potential, providing courage and inspiration on your journey of self discovery. 


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